Friday, April 9, 2010

Adri Edeling - Maternity Shoot

Well, after 'missing' each other a number of times, I finally got to photograph Adri this last Tuesday morning at the Irene Dairy!

We kept on having to reschedule the shoot for unforeseen reasons, until we reached the very last possible opportunity - all I can say is thank goodness baby didn't arrive before the shoot!
Thank you Adri for returning to me to photograph this time in your life - I consider it a great compliment.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello little blog...

It's been so long - my little blog! I am very sorry for neglecting you for all this time!

My only excuse is being pregnant with my second baby (while my first is still actually a baby) and working very very hard at the end of last year.

I did so many photo shoots that I just actually didn't have the time to update the blog and then being behind on 3 photo shoots turned into six and then 12 (and then it became obvious that getting the blog back up to date would be a mission!).

But now my little one has arrived (and life is busier than ever!) - LOL!


I'm starting anew today. And I'm pleased to say that my very first post of this year is of a great friend of mine - Megan. She is pregnant with a little girl - Khloe Rose and we are all so excited to have a stroke of pink in our lives now (all our little ones are boys so far)!

Megs, I hope you enjoyed the shoot!

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