Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brett & Tarryn - Wedding

My next 'reminiscent' post...
This was my first wedding! My cousin Brett asked me to be the photographer at his wedding and I was soooo nervous - I had never photographed a wedding before, and I knew the importance of capturing the day and the moments as they happened... I couldn't say 'wait... hold it... say 'I do' again...' no! You really have to get the images as they happen, and get them right!
So... my cousin was happy to take a chance on my photography at a time when my portfolio wasn't very big and I was still a bit 'wet behind the ears', and at the end of the day, this is by far my favourite wedding! I think that it may have been the relationship (being family), or the complete trust that Brett and Tarryn had in my abilities, but whatever the case, I am really still proud of the images I captured for them!

Anyway! On a personal note, I am now 36 & a half weeks... Time is ticking by and my doctor feels that I am getting very close to having Malakai! Darryl and I are very nervous, but very excited! We know that this is whole new experience, something that we cannot prepare for... But we know that we will do our best, and that will be ok, because this little boy is our son, our child, part of me and part of Darryl - so what could be more amazing on earth?

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It's All About the Afro...

This last weekend Darryl and Kevin celebrated their joint 30th birthdays! Seeing that they were born in the 70's, we thought it was fitting to theme the party around the era that brought us Afros, Disco, Tight Pants and Short Short Minis!

We were so amazed at how everyone made such an effort to dress the part - it was so funny and there were hours of partying to be had!

I was on my feet the whole day and by 11pm I was ready for bed! Darryl crawled in at about 2:30am, and needless to say, he had a serious headache the next morning!

Anyway - 30 is a milestone and I am so happy that my husband had a great party surrounded by friends and family! We all love you my angel - Happy Birthday!!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Megan & Conrad - Maternity Shoot

Another 'reminiscent' post - :

My good friend Megan has been a supporter of my photography since I took my first unsure steps towards building a portfolio!

Needless to say, I was so happy to do her Maternity Shoot, and she was so excited and willing to try everything I suggested - thanks Megs!

Conrad, Megan's husband, was maybe not so excited about being part of a photo shoot (as is the case with many guys!), but he was really great and I got some great pics of the two of them together!

Megan and Conrad now have a healthy, happy, precious little boy Keaton, who is six months old and growing more precious every day! Go take a look at Meg's blog to meet Keaton:

On a personal note, I am now exactly 35 weeks! 5 weeks to go!

I am feeling a little more loving... a little more rational... a little more calm since my last post! This adventure of pregnancy is truly something else! Last night I was counting my Braxton Hicks contractions, as they seemed to be a bit too many (6 per hour), but they calmed down and showed no signs of getting more frequent or severe... Nevertheless, Darryl decided to spend the night on the couch with me (instead of out and about) just in case! Together we prodded and scrutinised my tummy with every 'contraction' - oh the joys!!

My last visit with Dr Makram confirmed that Malakai is still growing well (weighing in at 2.2kg's) and is healthy! My little boy is still very active, twisting and turning around, sticking his legs out and making my tummy look abit that scene in 'Alien'... I love to feel him move around, as every expectant mother does I am sure! I am amazed at the miracle of the female body, being able to grow, nurture and protect a new life!
Until next time!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clarke Family Shoot

5 weeks and counting... yup!

I have stopped taking new bookings until after little Malakai arrives - so I will be uploading some of my older pictures until I get back into the swing of things! Think of it as a bit of 'reminiscence'! Without these older shoots, I wouldn't have the experience and the knowledge I have now! This particular shoot was done for a friend of mine who's sister's family emmigrated to Australia - so it was a gift for the family to be able to have some great frame-able pictures to tide them over until they saw each other again.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

On a personal note, I am finding it harder and harder to be nice to the people I love, nevermind anyone else! And then, of course, when I am a little 'snippy' (or just plain horrible) I feel terribly guilty afterwards and wonder how I am supposed to become a role model and mentor for my boy!?? I am told that it is normal to get a bit short with my moods so close to my due date... I am getting bigger and bigger and more and more uncomfortable! Sleep? What's that? I even feel that as I write this blog I just cannot get my brain to string a vaguely interesting sentence together! It's all so mushy!!

So, having said that I will sign off until my next 'reminiscent' post (quick! before I get snippy again...)!

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Heidi, James & Hannah - Family Shoot

Today I photographed Heidi, James & little Hannah! We went off to the Irene Dairy and had a ton of fun!
From the first 'hello' I found Heidi & James to be so down to earth! As with most of the families I work with, Heidi & James told me hushed tones that they are '...not really the photographic types'... I laughed and told them that almost none of the families I work with consider themselves to be 'photographic'! That is why I do what I do, because I know that you don't have to be a model to have your story captured in a picture! You just have to be you, and I will be there to capture the moments!

Hannah is absolutely gorgeous! She is an adventurous, trusting, clever & happy little girl! She really enjoyed seeing the baby cows, the ducks, chickens and playing with the autumn leaves! The whole family was full of laughter and smiles as we worked, capturing memories of them that tell the story of their family!

Heidi, James and Little Hannah, thank you so much for allowing me to assist you with capturing those precious moments today! I hope that my pictures will bring you much joy!

On a personal note, I am now 7 weeks from my due date... Little Malakai is one busy little boy, keeping me entertained (especially when I get into bed and read my book) with 'name that bump'! Darryl thinks that it's almost not normal - the amount that Malakai moves around in my tummy! But no matter what my mood, or how tired I am, when I feel a little bump move across my tummy, I break into a smile...

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