Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's All About the Afro...

This last weekend Darryl and Kevin celebrated their joint 30th birthdays! Seeing that they were born in the 70's, we thought it was fitting to theme the party around the era that brought us Afros, Disco, Tight Pants and Short Short Minis!

We were so amazed at how everyone made such an effort to dress the part - it was so funny and there were hours of partying to be had!

I was on my feet the whole day and by 11pm I was ready for bed! Darryl crawled in at about 2:30am, and needless to say, he had a serious headache the next morning!

Anyway - 30 is a milestone and I am so happy that my husband had a great party surrounded by friends and family! We all love you my angel - Happy Birthday!!

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