Thursday, August 21, 2008

Theresa & Rob - Maternity Shoot

Hi everyone!

Another 'reminiscent' post! Now that Malakai is born, I understand how a parent's food is always cold, the coffee un-sipped, the toilet-run a distant memory! I cannot believe the amount of work it takes to keep little Malakai fed, clean and burped! But this is motherhood and I have taken to it like a butterfly to a bright summer flower!

So, I will be taking bookings again as of late September... wish me luck! I have no idea how I am going to balance a photo shoot with a breast-fed baby... but hey! we are going to try anyway!!

In the meantime (as little Kai sleeps beside me, making little monkey noises)...

Theresa and Rob's maternity shoot was done at my favourite location - Irene Country Lodge! They were a great couple to work with (as with their newborn shoot once little Reece was born)! As a couple, they were obviously in love and loving the journey of having their first child! Their photo shoot had no airs or graces, it was simple Life and Love - my favourite ingredients in a great shoot!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Malakai Arrives - 08/08/08

My precious little boy, Malakai, arrived at 07:05 on 08/08/08, weighing in at 2.8kgs and 47cm long!

Nothing prepares you for the birth of your child, there is no amount of reading or planning that takes into account the amazing love and awe-inspiring beauty of Life.

Where I am usually full of words, I am now speechless...

Where I am usually so full of plans for the future, I am now living in every moment...

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My own Maternity Shoot

Taken on 6 days before Malakai arrived, this my own Maternity Shoot! I am so glad I made it, because Malakai came about 2 weeks early!
Taken at Irene Country Lodge - this time I was on the other end of the lens!

Pictures were taken by a wonderful photographer Arno and his wife Anja - a very talented pair! They really went the extra mile for us and the shoot was so professional (yet relaxed) - I am so grateful to them for the amazing pictures!

Please contact Arno or Anja if you would like to know more about their photography - 0832977876 or email

Thank you Arno and Anja for the amazing experience!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reece - Newborn Shoot

This is by far one of my favourite newborn shoots! This was also one of my first... It showed me what I was capable of doing, and really helped me grow my confidence and portfolio!
Little Reece was just an angel, and Theresa & Rob were just fantastic - willing to try everything I suggested. Never since this shoot have I had two parents who took the chance on a 'nappy-less' bum for as long as they did! Well done guys, and it paid off I think!

Anyway, Little Reece is well over 1 year now and still an angel I am sure!

On a personal note - I am now 37 and a half weeks... and counting...

I never thought I would be one who wanted to call my docter every five minutes, but this whole 'going into labour' thing is more confusing than matric algebra! I am now finding myself asking... 'well, what does labour feel like?', 'does it have to hurt?', 'will I know for sure?'. I am told over and over again that you can't miss it, but then I hear of some woman who was about 8cm dialated before she realised she was in labour! What?? How does that happen?? So I read all the literature I can find, and they all give you similar symptoms, and then end off with '...but that doesn't mean you are in labour, it could still be days or weeks away...' blah blah! It's kind of like the You Magazine Horoscopes - 'you may (or may not) be happy (or sad) to meet your soulmate (or not) during this week...' kind of covering all possible bases on what the average human being may experience on any given day!

I am not saying I want Malakai to come right now - because I know the longer he stays put, the more he grows and the healthier he'll be when he does arrive! I am also super-aware of the absolutely monumental change that having a baby is going to bring to my life - so I am trying to consciously enjoy lying on the couch watching the E!-Entertainment channel and eating pretzels without any disturbances. I am having many hot baths, reading for at least two hot-water-refills. I am enjoying being able to hop in my car and race off to the shops because I can... no car seats, no huge baby-bags... I am really enjoying my sleep at night (although I am making at least 4 toilet-runs a night now), even if I am keeping Darryl awake with my raptuous snoring!

So, my angel boy, I am ready for you when you are ready for me. I think I will be meeting you soon, but who knows? I really can't figure out this labour-symptom thing, but I am sure that won't matter much because when you decide to come, you'll come!

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