Thursday, August 21, 2008

Theresa & Rob - Maternity Shoot

Hi everyone!

Another 'reminiscent' post! Now that Malakai is born, I understand how a parent's food is always cold, the coffee un-sipped, the toilet-run a distant memory! I cannot believe the amount of work it takes to keep little Malakai fed, clean and burped! But this is motherhood and I have taken to it like a butterfly to a bright summer flower!

So, I will be taking bookings again as of late September... wish me luck! I have no idea how I am going to balance a photo shoot with a breast-fed baby... but hey! we are going to try anyway!!

In the meantime (as little Kai sleeps beside me, making little monkey noises)...

Theresa and Rob's maternity shoot was done at my favourite location - Irene Country Lodge! They were a great couple to work with (as with their newborn shoot once little Reece was born)! As a couple, they were obviously in love and loving the journey of having their first child! Their photo shoot had no airs or graces, it was simple Life and Love - my favourite ingredients in a great shoot!

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Caden Paul said...

Those pics are awesome Loren. Can't wait to see what surfaces as soon as you start taking new photos! Good luck and I hope you get lots of bookings!


Debbie said...

Dear loren

I love your photos. The photos you took of our family are forevr cherished on our walls. I wish i was In Sa to take new photos after our new addition Hannah....will have to make a plan when we come visit.

Congraltulations on your little Angel...he is beautiful. So glad God blessed you with an Angel of your own.