Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arno, Anja & Ane' - Family Shoot

On Sunday I was happy to photograph Arno, Anja and their little daughter Ane'.
This couple has been so good to me, taking my maternity and newborn pictures! I cannot thank them enough for that and hope that these pictures bring them the same joy!

This is a really short post - Malakai is making little 'grumpy' noises... it is time for his morning wash and feed - motherhood never stops I have discovered! It is a journey that is sometimes difficult, sometimes tiring, but always... always rewarding!

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Anonymous said...


The pictures are gorgeous and we cannot thank you enough. We think of you as our family photographer and will recommend you to anyone. Thank you once again for helping us telling our family's story with this lovely photos.
Arno, Anja, Ane'

Lisa Reid said...

Ane is really the cutest little girl I have ever seen!!