Monday, May 12, 2008

Luci & Brent - Maternity Shoot

I spent Mother's Day morning photographing a wonderful couple - Luci & Brent - in anticipation of their little girl's arrival!

What a wonderful couple! They are both so easy, relaxed and quick to laugh. Due in approximately 3 weeks, their little girl is in store for loads of love and laughter!
We messed around with the puppy (also part of the family!), and then took things outside to capture the kind of Lifestyle pictures that truly represent Luci & Brent's relaxed outlook on life. Also, the rocking chair that was used by Brent's mother when he was a newborn was an important (and beautiful) part of some of the pictures!

After delaying the shoot by one week (because of the previous Sunday's horrible rain...), I am happy that the weather, location & couple really worked so well together!

It's great to photograph two people that are just so easy and natural to work with - what a pleasure!

I, on the other hand, am in my 26th week... expecting a little boy (Levi... we think... for now...)! I am feeling relatively comfortable still... But really... how much more am I going to expand??? Some 'experts' (made up of relatives, people at work, strangers in shopping centers, my husband etc) say I am small for 25 weeks, others say I am huge... well! What can I say? What good is advice if it makes sense?

All I know is that I have rounded a bend this week (excuse the pun...) where I am just completely awestruck by the beauty of this life inside of me... I just can't believe that my husband and I had a part in creating life... After two miscarriages and 2 years of trying, this little one just held on tight! This week, I have really begun to understand the immensity of this thing called 'motherhood'...

So Levi (for now...), what can I say? Don't always believe everyone else's opinion - they sometimes get things wrong. Do what you know is right, and if you wonder what that is, remember that if it feels bad it's bad, if it feels good it's good. But don't take my word for it - ha ha! Just do your best my baby.
Thanks again Luci & Brent - I wish you all the smooth sailing you can handle until your little one arrives!

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