Monday, January 5, 2009

Ferreira Family Shoot

Seasons Greetings!! I hope that 2009 brings all the goodness and joy that everyone so deserves!

I have had a wonderful holiday and some time off with my little family over December and because of this I have been very lazy uploading my last photo shoot from last year - so sorry Claire!!!!

I am so glad to have photographed the Ferreira family again! That is joy of my job - getting to see families grow and change, new additions and babies turing into toddlers! What a blessing - thank you for allowing me this honour!
I am truly excited about this New Year - new, fresh, magical, exciting, and sometimes scary... I know it will be life changing!
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Ferreira Family said...

Hi Loren,

The pictures are stunning. Thank you so much for capturing more memories for me. It is always a pleasure for us to have you take photos of our family.

You are the only photographer my husband & I & Hannah (Although she was doing her own thing that day, she never once cried like she does with other photographers) feel comfortble with (And believe me we have been to many).

We look forward to many more photo shoots with you as my children get older..


Deqlan said...

as always, stunning Loren, i love the pics, especially the one with Ethan smiling and Hannah by herself- they are gorgeous and you really captured one of my very good friends families as they are - wonderful!