Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nanditha & Meetesh - Maternity Shoot

Last weekend I did a Maternity shoot for Nanditha and Meetesh. I have had mostly family shoots lately, so photographing these two was so much fun!!

Photographing children takes a certain amount of creativity (and sometimes bribery LOL)... and the pictures are so worth the effort! Photographing adults is different, because I can ask for the person to move slightly or face a certain direction - so it is easier to negotiate, but then the difficulty lies in 'natural' shots, because adults tend to be more 'camera-shy'.

So each kind of photo shoot offers up different challenges! But the natural-style pictures that I get out of them are worth it!!

So it was really refreshing to work with Nanditha and Meetesh this last weekend, after many many family shoots with kiddos running rampant!

I LOVE the pictures where Nanditha is wearing the dress - they are definately my favourites!

Hope you all enjoy!

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