Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby Stow - 28.5 Weeks...

Well! Can you believe it? I can hardly believe that for over half a year now, I have been Baby Stow's incubator/mom-to-be. A year is a long time, which in itself suggests that half a year is not exactly a walk in the park either! So, for this long time I gone through so much (and I am not the first and certainly not the last), but for me it's a first ok!?

I have imagined in the beginning how on earth such a tiny little structure of DNA Cells could make me feel as though a train ran over me, and then reversed and did the 'makarena' for good measure... Those first 4 months! Whoooo Wheee! They sucked big time!

Then I started to feel normal again, and of course, 'normal' was like 'fan-friggen-tastic' after having played with the freight-train for 4 months... But now I was wondering when I was going to look pregnant?! I had this is-she-pregnant-fat-or-bloated-thing going at this time. I almost wanted to mouth to the guy at the Sasol Delite Shop 'yes...dude...I am pregnant ok!' None of my pants zipped up anymore, and yet, it looked more like I shouldn't have indulged in that extra piece of KFC... ok yes... I shouldn't have... but still!

Cue 5,5 months! I went away on holiday and overnight (really... that is not a figure of speach here...) I kind of popped out a belly. Cool! I was now looking as pregnant as I felt! Also, I was already feeling little Jnr. kicking and diving and rolling... What an amazing feeling!

And now, a month later, I am sitting with a belly that is steadily growing, a baby that is steadily growing, and a shopping list that is steadily growing... Seriously though - I am having a blast trying to guess what body part it is I am feeling at that particular moment... an arm? leg? elbow?

Having always been someone who talks to myself, sometimes nicely, sometimes not so nicely... It is so cool to now actually have someone who can hear me, who recognises my voice and knows that I am his mom, who thinks that my singing is awesome... How do I know this? Because I say so! (see... I am practicing already... :)

But if there was one thing that I wish I can tell my little boy right now is that he is really and truly one-in-a-million... And if I succeed at being the parent I hope to be, he will never forget this.
So my baby boy! I am so happy to have seen more pictures of you! You are the most beautiful little baby I have ever seen! The scan tells me that you are 1,3kgs and (apparently) have a full head of hair! No surprise - you are your father's son!!

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Deqlan said...

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics of junior who we are anxiously waiting to meet - you are daryl are going to be the most amazing parents and i now junior can already feel the love you both have for him
God Bless love Mark Samm & Deqlan

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Can't wait to meet your little man very soon and just know that he will bring you and Darryl so much love, joy and happiness! The pictures are so amazing - how very cute! Take Care, Conrad, Megs and Keaton