Sunday, June 22, 2008

M is for mischief...

So! We have finished the baby's room! Woo Hoo!

I was told about an absolutely gorgeous little farm shop (near Avianto) that sells themed decor for baby's rooms (as well as stunning home decor and delicious food!). I went a bit beserk in the shop, but this is only because the theme I choose (by the sea) for the baby's room turned out to be almost impossible to find little things for!

Winnie the Pooh? No problem! Little Scruffy Brown Bears? Wherever you look! Elephants, Lions, Airplanes, Turtles?? Believe it or not... not hard to find! But Seaside, boats, lighthouses, seagulls, fishes, stripes, waves???? Oh no... I must be at least one or two season's behind the trend!

Anyway, I stuck by the theme of 'by the sea' because I think that if our little boy is anything like his dad, he will LOVE the sea! And this little un-assuming farm shop on a deserted country road was filled to the ceiling rafters with seaside stuff for my baby's room! Everywhere I turned I just saw more and more! Needless to say... I had to restrain myself and focus on what I 'really needed' (yes, I did that need that sign that says 'mischief' ok!).
Here I have to make a special note to say 'thank you from the bottom of my heart' to Darryl for putting so much effort into the baby's room! He really went above and beyond... Even the Saturday after his birthday saw him painting the baby's room, hangover and all! Thank you my angel!

M is for mischief... yes... but M is also for Malakai - the name that (of this morning, after to-ing and fro-ing) we (yes, Darryl too...) have decided to name our little boy!

Now, I know we have gone backwards and forwards, up and down, left and right and changed this little boy's name more times than is even remembered! But that is because I always knew his name was Malakai... when I just couldn't find another name... and when Darryl just couldn't find another name either (that he really liked, even Travis was just not right...), it became clear this morning that Malakai is his name. It has to be...

Malakai (also spelt Malachi) dates back to the Old Testament and is of Hebrew origin. It means 'messenger/angel from God'. Kai (his short name) means 'Sea' in Hawaiin and 'Sea Shell' in Japanese (no wonder I couldn't get over the sea-side theme!!).

Anyway! We know we have had mixed reactions to Malakai from all sides, but this is our choice and we cannot not name him Malakai... It is his name.

9 weeks to go my baby boy! I am so pleased that we have created a fun, warm & colourful room for you. Our home is now as ready for your arrival and our hearts are!

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elriza said...

ooh wow guys, the room look awesome! Kai is one lucky little sea shell! Love the name by the way, but you new that already!
Have a great week!

Elriza, Wes & Caden

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

ABSOLUTELY stunning my friend!!!! Just beautiful! Yip I knew it would be Malakai! You know I always thought it would be your choice! Dont worry at all about what people will think or say - its your choice and at the end of the day people will find something to say about any name....
Cant wait to meet your little man and good luck for the next 9 weeks... Time is flying by! Have an awesome week and once again - your room is Stunning! God bless, Conrad, Megs and Keaton

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

The room is BEAUTIFUL and I am sure little Malakai is going to LOVE it!! I am so glad to hear that you finally decided on a name and Malakai is a LOVELY name!!Jeez 9 weeks, we can't wait to finally meet the little man!!

Hope you guys have a SPECTACULAR week!

Coreen and Grant

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis
The room looks stunning. Kai is one lucky baby being born into and environment with so much love. I cant wait to be an aunty and Kim is excited to be an uncle. Love you all....
Leigh & Kim

Deqlan said...

what a beautiful room, its stunning, what a calm, serene and cool theme, well done guys -its beautiful! I love Malakai and even when he was a twinkle in your eyes, i knew you loved the name, go with your heart always! we wait in excitement with you to meet your new little man in 9 weeks, relax, take it easy and savor every moment before your family becomes a unit of 3! God Bless and love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan