Monday, June 2, 2008

Surprise - It's My Babyshower!

This weekend I was super-spoiled!

My mom came up from Durban to spend time with me and meet the little bump! It has been a good three months since I saw my mom, so I am looking decidedly more pregnant now!

There is just something about being close to your mom when you are about to become a mom for the first time... Almost as though all the wisdom your mom has gained from parenthood will somehow rub off onto you...

What I can say is that I am not sure what my mom did while I was growing up, but if I my child can love and respect me as much I love and respect my mom, then I have done a good job!

Just when I thought my weekend couldn't get any better - my sister threw me a surprise babyshower - thank you Leigh, you rock!

She did a fantastic job and I was truly spoiled by my friends and family alike! Little Stow is one lucky baby boy to be surrounded by so much support and love - what an amazing experience. Thank you to all my fantastic friends and family for their generosity and thoughtfulness, Darryl and I are so happy to have you in our lives!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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