Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Angelique - 5 Weeks

Hello World!

I spent this morning photographing little Angelique - the beautiful daughter of Luci & Brent!

Thank you to Luci and Brent for inviting me back into their home to photograph their newborn girl! I am so pleased to have worked with you both on your maternity shoot, and now Angelique's newborn shoot!

I must say that photography is incredibly rewarding and humbling - I get to see how families grow... literally!

So, I really enjoyed working with Luci and Brent again today - what a relaxed and completely natural couple! I walked into their lives for the second time today and it was as if we had known each other for years!

Angelique is one lucky little Angel!

On a personal note - I am now 8 weeks from my due date... yikes! Malakai is growing and moving around every day & I am growing and waddling around every day... But, after hearing so many stories of babies coming early, too early... I am so grateful that I am still carrying this little boy inside, where he is safe, secure and every need is met by the amazing biology of pregnancy! Darryl and I are ready... now we just have to wait for Malakai to be ready!

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Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hey my friend, as usual your photos are stunning! What beautiful images you have captured and she is one beautiful little girl! Love the one with the dad holding her and she looks nearly as small as her dads hand! Too precious! Enjoy the next 8 weeks and relax when ever you can. Looking forward to meeting Malakai real soon! Megs

Deqlan said...

how beautiful loren, love love the blog and love the story behind the photos - continue doig the amazing job you are and i need to plan another session for Deqlans 2nd Birthday ( i know baby will be here so we will have to see) and for his ned party once we can be around kids again! Have a great day, relax and enjoy the quiet time before little Malakai arrives, cant wait! Samm and Deqlan

Anonymous said...

Me too sis.... i am also ready - ready to be an aunty. Love Leigh