Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Darryl Turns 30! (and so does baby stow... in weeks that is...)

Darryl turned 30 this last Friday - happy birthday my angel!

He was completely spoiled for the entire long weekend, starting Friday morning and ending last night... Apart from having three consecutive nights of parties, Darryl also discovered the fine art of sleeping in... and then waking up and lazing about in a warm bed with cups of coffee and slices of strawberry-jam-toast, reading his new book... My angel - all I can say is 'why did it take you so long to realise how nice this is??', AND, 'you have only another 10 weeks before this new little habit becomes impossible'... but at least you enjoyed it and that is all that matters!

As for Baby Stow... he turned 30 weeks on Saturday and is as active as ever! Our visit to the Doctor last week confirmed he was weighing in at 1,5kgs! Based on the last few visits and weights, I estimate that he is picking about 200-250g a week... amazing! He is moving around and kicking all the time, but likes the evenings most... If he isn't keeping me awake, then I am keeping Darryl awake with my Lion-Like-Roaring... I really can't hear myself, but I when Darryl asks me to turn over, I do so quickly because I know that it isn't nice to listen to loud snoaring while you're trying to sleep! Sorry Darryl!

With 10 weeks to go before we meet our little boy, it seems a giant switch has dropped... We are almost finished with his room, just a few finishing touches now... We have almost finished saving what we need to in order to see us through the first four months... We have almost finished our Antenatal classes, preparing us for the realities we face when he decides to come... We have almost bought everything we need for him to come home (cots, prams, car seats, blankets, baths, thermometers, changing mats, mobiles, humidifiers, nappies... even a new tumble dryer!)...

HOWEVER, we have still not agreed on a name for our little boy... that is, until Sunday... It just hit me that this little 'child-with-no-name' inside me deserves a name and so far, over the past 7 months, Darryl and I have come up with countless options, but none that both of us agree on... I am in favour of names are different, unique, and (I think) cool... Darryl likes names that are solid, represent his favourite sportsmen, and are just so very different from anything I would ever think of choosing! I have been slowly trying to chip away at Darryl's resolve, thinking that eventually he would come around to my way of thinking and agree on the names I have in mind... but alas... no such luck... So! I have done some soul-searching... Although I have been convinced that my son must have a name that a) has a profound meaning b) is completely different and c) will set him apart for the rest of his life... perhaps... just perhaps... Darryl's stubbornnes is born from a deeper reasoning... maybe our son will not want some meaningful, different, unique name... maybe he will just want a name... that his dad chose... because he liked it.
So! For now... for the love of my husband... out of respect that this is his child too... from an understanding that my son may not want to carry the name I choose... I am trying on Darryl's name-choice for size: Travis... meaning simply to 'cross a bridge' or reach a 'crossroads'... perhaps a simple name for a little boy with a spiritual meaning for a new mom and dad? I dunno... maybe Darryl and I will both get a little of what we want, along with a precious little boy!

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Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Happy Birthday Darryl!! Sounds like you were spoilt rotten! Hope the year ahead is filled with lots of joy, love and happiness with your little boy!
So happy that everything is going so well dear Loren! I cant wait to meet Master Stow and in only 10 weeks!!!! Enjoy every minute of this beautiful time and I just know that you both are going to be just wonderful parents!
Im sure as soon as you see him you will know what name he must have!!! I like all your options and maybe you can choose the second name and Darryl the first and visa versa and when the next one arrives you can choose the first name and Darryl the second name??? Food for thought! Keep well and look after yourself. God bless and much love! Megs

Deqlan said...

Happy Birthday Darryl, hope you had a great celebration! Cant wait to see your beautiful room and cant wait to meet little Travis! You know what, when you see the little guy you will know if Travis is meant for him - you just will know! Have a lovely week, take it easy and relax
Love Mark, Samm & Deqlan

elriza said...

Travis is awesome, i'm sure it'll suit the little fella perfectly! Congrats Darryl on your bifday! Sorry we missed it but from what I hear it was awesome!
Have a great week you guys!

Lots of Love
Elriza, Weasel and little Caden